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utility mobile apps

In Sentio I’ve been designing a number of mobile apps. The goal is to quickly iterate through the ideas. If the app strives, double down the efforts, if not, abandon and switch to another one. With such approach I have a good opportunity to practice, fail and start again often. Over time quantity starts to transform into quality.

* Latest apps are not yet in case study. Update is in progress.

Fasting tracker

My latest design.

Being a regular faster myself for several years now, I was happy to find out we are building the fasting tracker at Sentio. It won’t be an overexaggeration to say that it is the favorite app I designed in Sentio so far.

Though there is quite a number of fasting tracking apps, many of them are too complicated. I wanted to make our app as simple as possible, which in my opinion is gonna help to form the habit to people using the app.

Being lightweight, app still gives enough flexibility to experienced fasters with custom fasting plans and schedules.

Home screen of the app with the ongoing fasting
Fasting plan picker with 5 plans visible on the screen
Image of three screens of fasting app: fast regularity picker, earned badge view and fast completion screen
Image of the sheet configuring the contents of the home screen
The list of rewards
User profile screen

Widgets. Simple readable widgets with the most important information people on the fast want to see—fasting progress and current fasting zone.

The image of three states of the homescreen widget
Image of the iPhone lockscreen with fasting widget on it

Iconography. Bold filled icons and simple forms support interface the best. I aspired to ensure the best readability and quick recognition for users.

Some icons used in the app

Messaging app

Simple app that allows to rent the virtual phone number to send and receive text messages.

Our users use the app for a variety of cases: from registering in services that are not available in their countries to using temporary number to sell items on Craigslist and avoid spam on their main phone number.

It was important to allow users to have multiple phone numbers and make it easy for them to distinguish between phone numbers (by giving each it’s unique alias) and let them easily see what number is being used in conversation.

Lockscreen of the Messaging app
Contact screen with contact details and the picker for the default phone number to use with the contact
Image of the onboarding screen of the app
Image of three screens of the Messaging app: list of messages, settings and chat screen

Icons. Simple two-tone icons should help people to easier navigate through the app. Also they are quite pleasant to look at.

Some icons used in Messaging app

Android app. With a distinct design language and platform it was quite a challenge to design an Android app that would feel right.

Onboarding screen in Android app
Bottom sheet with phone number actions
Edit contact screen
Image of three screens of Android app: messages list, app settings and chat screen
Contacts screen empty state

Other apps

I've also designed second phone number app, various PDF related apps and fax app. All of them have limited purposes that are clearly understandable through the focused interface.

In two apps due to time constraints I’ve used great ready-made icons from SF Symbols and Microsoft Fluent system, in all others the icons are made from scratch.

Three screens of the iPhone Fax app: new fax composition, sent fax status and the list of faxes
Settings screen of the iPhone Fax app
Bottom sheet with add new page actions in Android Fax app
Three screens of the Android Fax app: app settings, new fax composition and failed fax status
Some icons used in Fax app
Two screens of Android Second Phone app: manage plans and ongoing call
Second Phone app iPad phone screen in horizontal orientation
Second Phone app onboarding screen on iPad
PDF Signer screen with files, folders and new file actions on iPad
PDF Signer screen with the area to scribble a signature on iPhone
Some icons used in Text Recognizer app
Some icons used in Signer app
Text recognizer app document view with available actions
Signer app list of available signatures