I'm a curious digital designer, who enjoys drawing rectangles, bending vectors, coding, and delving into business theories.

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My path

My journey into design has been unconventional. For the first ten years of my professional life, I worked as a finance and business consultant. Immersed in studying business theories and observing various companies, I gained insight into what drives businesses and how they cater to their customers.

My fascination with the digital world began early, during my school years, when I first experimented with various computer programs, exploring 3D design, web design, and programming. Later in life, I would spend hours discerning the best-designed software and apps.

In 2018, I made a pivotal decision to shift my focus from advising companies on their financials to leveraging my long-held passion for digital products. I left my job and embarked on a six-month journey to South-East Asia to recharge and immerse myself in the world of product design. There, I began taking on freelance design projects and secured my first full-time product design role.

With product design as my primary expertise and passion, I also dabble in front-end development, iOS native development, graphic design, and 3D.

I love what I do


Product designer at Sentio

Designing simple utility apps for mobile—iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets.

UX/UI designer at Whitespectre

Designing interfaces for web apps.

Designer at Cuddlynest

Designing and shaping the platform for the future of the accommodation booking.

Digital designer freelancing

Various web and mobile design projects

This website

This website is built with React on top of Gatsby.

Typeface used is Antarctica by newglyph.

Hosted at linode.

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